Jason’s Ideas Taking Shape

April 29, 2018

One of the ideas Jason has been sharing since he first started talking to voters about how we can make Frisco even better, is a “Transportation Management Association”, as is seen already in action down in Plano at the Shops at Legacy, and soon at Legacy West. On the campaign trail, Jason has been talking specifically about how we need to shift away from strictly the idea of “how do we improve drive times for one driver in one car?”, and instead “how can we begin getting cars off the road altogether?”

On Tuesday’s upcoming City Council agenda, city staff is proposing that Frisco begin that exact process. See the memorandum here, including the same idea that Jason has been sharing with voters: “One of the key factors to reducing traffic congestion is to change driver behavior to accept options other than a single-occupant vehicle.”

Knowing how projects and initiatives come forward in Frisco, this is probably something that staff has been working on for a while, and it now has proven feasible enough to bring to the Council to vote for or against the recommendation. So this isn’t something that was caused by Jason’s campaign ideas . . . but it is a great confirmation of how Jason is able to identify and articulate solutions that are good for the city—and not just low in cost but with real-world application.

Obviously Team Money is highly in favor of this item, and encourages City Council to vote unanimously to support!

We applaud City staff for their ongoing commitment to improving quality of life in Frisco.