A Note About PAC Endorsements

I support every American’s right to assemble, to associate, and to support who they want for public office. Let me get that out of the way first. I understand why PACs exist and I support their rights to do so.

But as an independent candidate, answering only to the residents of Frisco, I don’t want to come into City Council with the perception of commitment to any special interests.

Therefore, I decided as soon as I filed not to apply for any of the PAC endorsements that usually participate in Frisco-area races. I am proud to be supported by individual professionals in those industry; I’m just not going to pursue support from the trade associations. This has been stated on my website from the first day it launched.

The reason I want to state this very clearly: today, Team Money learned that a trade association announced an endorsement of one of my opponents, stating they had made their choice after meeing with “all the candidates”. I actually declined this invitation in writing the week before the interviews, while also inviting anyone in the organization to meet with me any time to talk policy and ideas. I never heard anything back, although that’s not really the job of the PAC so I get it.

The wording of the announcement may have been an inadvertent slip, but I just want to make sure that my own actions are clear—to my supporters and those considering supporting me.