Valley View Mall in Dallas is being demolished and rebuilt
Leading a Retail Renaissance
Stonebriar Mall has been Frisco's biggest economic driver since it opened in 2000. But malls all over the country are dying. Frisco needs to be the innovator here, looking not years out but decades, to be ready to keep Stonebriar viable.
Joint Local Entity Committee
From land swaps to future campus sites, and the impacts of multi-family zoning on the ISD, there are plenty of ways that our decisions affect our partner ISDs and vice versa. Yet, there is no structure for sharing vision, plans and goals among them.
Taxpayer Education Program
It's like a shell game. . . with your dollars. The property tax system in Texas is not easy to understand, which seems wrong to me. If someone is going to take my money, they should be able to tell me why, what for, and what I can do about it.
Transportation Management Association
A TMA will also aid in parking hassles and congestion around retail and commercial areas like The Star and Stonebriar District. The cost is mitigated by the investment of the corporate partners. Frisco is so experienced in navigating the development of public/private solutions that this should be a no-brainer.